Our Approach

Our Approach

I have always been an audiophile spending way too much on headphones, amps, tape decks, etc.  The Nakamichi US headquarters was just across town and became one of my favorite brands of audio gear.  I had Nakamichi receiver and tape deck in the house and Nakamichi head unit, amps and speakers in the car.  I joined and was active in the Naktalk email list and many of the fellow forum members were interested in getting the genuine RM-580 wireless remote adapter for their tape deck, but, just couldn't justify the cost and they were hard to find.  As an electrical engineer I took the challenge to build an equivalent to the Nakamichi RM-580, but, for a fraction of the price and make it compatible with universal remotes so that control of tape deck, tuner, amp, CD player, TV could be done through a standard multi device remote.

Our Story

Our Story

Back in 2003, during a 6 month assignment, in Goleta, CA I started work on researching, designing and building my wireless remote adapter.  In my hotel room I had a tape deck, soldering iron, oscilloscope, wires and cables, lots of electronic components and various handheld remote controllers.  The first 8 units I build and sold were all hand wired.  Later I got to work designing printed circuit boards and improving the design to make it more manufacturable.

Meet the Team

The team is just me.  I design, build, test and ship every unit myself.  This was I can ensure quality at every step.  Unfortunately this means I can't produce as many units as I'd like and I am constantly behind in orders.

Scott Johnson


Electrical Engineer with a BS from Cal State Long Beach

Next Steps...

Are you looking for a wireless remote and don't see it on my web site.  Maybe I have it, but, don't have it up yet.  Contact me at scott@revoxremotes.com to inquire.