Revox A77 Remote Dummy Plug
Last updated February 7, 2019

If you are familar with the Revox A77 you know that you need either a remote connected or a dummy plug otherwise the deck won't work right. If not present the transport functions will not stay latched and will go back to stop if the button is not held down. Unfortunately the connector is no longer available from Revox (according to the authorized Revox repair center in the US who tried to get more for me from Studer-Revox in Zurich, Switzerland).

I have started making my own connectors for my A77, B77, PR99, A710 and B710 wireless remote adapters and for the A77 dummy plugs.

Current price for my A77 dummy plug is $14 with $3 shipping within the US or $10 shipping to anywhere else in the world or you can buy from me on eBay. The current eBay auction # is 291216170823. Price is slightly higher due to the eBay fees.

If interested contact me at