Wireless Remote Receiver Otari decks that use the CB-127-S (ZA-5AF) wired remote

Last updated February 2, 2019

Otari CB-127 wireless is $69 when purchased direct (or on eBay for $74). Comes with wireless remote receiver unit and a preprogrammed universal remote. Shipping is $10 within the US or $23 outside the US. Contact me at scott@revoxremotes.com

This unit controls the standard transport controls on the Otari MTR-15, MX-50, MX-55, MX-55N, MX-5050 BIII-8, MX-5050 MkIV-2 & MkIV-4 deck (Play, Record, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind and Lifter). It uses any standard universal remote programmed for Sony VCR (preprogrammed DirecTV remote included).

Also Available:
Wireless remote adapter for Otari decks that use the Otari CR-705A (CB-102-S) wired remote. Will work with the Otari MTR-10-2, MTR-10-4, MTR-12II-I, MX-5050, MX-5050 (QXHD, B2HD, BQII, BII2, B2F, BIII-4, MkIII-4) and other decks that have the brick red 12-pin cinch jones connector on the back.

I do not make a remote for the MX-5050 MkIII decks.

Contact me if you are interested. My email address is scott@revoxremotes.com

Remote adapters are also available for Aiwa, Akai, Ampex, Crown, Denon, Nakamichi, Otari, Pioneer, Revox, Sony, Studer, Tandberg, Tascam, Teac and Technics decks.