Wireless Remote Receiver for Otari

Last updated March 10, 2021

I make two models of wireless remote adapter for Otari:

CB-127-S (ZA-5AF) for the Otari MTR-15, MX-50, MX-50N-II, MX-55, MX-55N, MX5050 BIII-2, MX-5050 MkIV decks. Plugs into the 37-pin D-sub connector on the back of the deck. Controls Play, Stop, F.F., Rewind, Record and Lifter.

CR-705A (CB-102) for the Otari MTR-10-2, MTR-10-4, MTR-10II, MTR-10II-C, MTR-12, MTR-12II-I, MX-5050, MX-5050 (B-2HD, BQII, BII2, BIIF, 2SD2, QXD, 1/2QXD, 8SD and 8SHD). Plugs into the red 12-pin connector on the back of the deck labeled Transport Remote Control or just Remote. Controls Play, Stop, F.Fwd., Rewind and Record.

Remote adapters are also available for Aiwa, Akai, Ampex, Crown, Denon, Nakamichi, Otari, Pioneer, Revox, Sony, Studer, Tandberg, Tascam, Teac and Technics decks.

MX80 - Wired remote CB-123/-124 are serial RS-422 interface remotes. The DB-37 Parallel I/O connector goes to wired remotes CB-119 Auto Locator or CB-120 Locator. Pin 1-Record, 2-Play, 3-Stop, 4-FF, 5-Rew, 6-Lifter defeat, 7-2nd Fn. CB-140 & CB-151.

MX-5050 MkIII-8 - Wired remote CB-110 (transport control, memory function, tape timer and audio electronics control) or CB-114 (transport only)

CB-111 Remote Control Box with pitch control knob, cue and search zero buttons as well as Record, Play, Stop, Rewind and F.Fwd. Plugs into the Auto Locator connector on the back of the MTR-10 and others.

Decks that I don't know which remote is compatible: MX-90, MTR-100 and MTR-15.

Other Otari Remotes

CB-102 - aka CR-705A - Remote Control Box - Picture, Picture - MX-5050 BQ II, MX-5050 MkIII(-2, -4, -8)
CB-104 - Remote Control Box (24-ch) - Picture - MTR90
CB-107 - Auto Locator - Picture - MTR90 Mk I
CB-109 - ZA-52R - Auto Locator Picture, Picture, Connector, Picture, Picture, Cable - MTR10, MTR10-II, MTR12, MTR12-II
CB-110 - Remote Control Unit - Picture, Picture - MX-5050 MkIII-8, Blue Honda connector
CB-111 - ZA-52S - Remote Control Box - Picture, Picture, Picture, Connector, Picture - MTR-10, MTR-12
CB-113 - Remote Control Unit - Picture, Picture, Picture - MTR-90 Mk II
CB-115 - Auto Locator - Picture - MTR-90 Mk II
CB-116 - ZA-54C - Auto Locator - Picture, Picture, Picture - MX-5050BIII-2 16-pin blue Honda connector
CB-117 - Remote Control Unit - Picture - MX-70
CB-118 - Remote Control Unit - Picture (MX-70-8- FH)
CB-119 - Auto Locator Picture, Picture - MX70, MX-80, MTR-15
CB-120 - Auto Locator Picture, Picture - MX80, MTR-20, MTR-15
CB-120A - Auto Locator Timecode, Serial I/O - MTR-15
CB-120B - Auto Locator Timecode, Parallel I/O - MTR15
CB-121 - Synchronizer Remote Picture, Picture, Picture
CB-123 - Remote Control Unit Picture - MX80 32-ch
CB-124 - Remote Control Unit - Picture MX80
CB-127 - Remote Control Unit - Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture - MTR-15
CB-131 - Synchronizer Remote Controller - Picture - MTR-15
CB-137 - Remote ControlĀ Unit - Picture for DTR-900
CB-140 - Remote Control Unit - Picture, Insides, Drawing, Connector - 16 or 24 Track. MX-70, MX-80, MTR-90-III?, MTR-100
CB-142 - Remote Control Unit - Picture - DTR-900
CB-147 - Remote Control Unit - Picture, Picture, Connector - MTR-90III-24
CB-151 - Remote Control Unit - Drawing - 8 Track MX-80
CB-163 - Wireless Remote Control - DTR-8
CB-169 - Remote Control Unit - Picture, Picture, DB-25M
CB-182 - Remote Control Unit - Picture
CB-508 - Remote Adapter Unit - Picture
CR-705 - Remote Control Box - Picture, Picture, Picture
CR-706 - Remote Control Box - Picture, Picture, Picture for MX-7800
CT-501 - ZA52C Tape Timer - Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture for MX-7800

Additonal info on Otari remotes and autolocators can be found here http://www.analogrules.com/Otari_remotes_locators.html

Contact me if you are interested. My email address is scott@revoxremotes.com.