Denon RC-50 Wireless Remote
February 2, 2019

I believe the Denon RC-50 wired remote is compatible with the following decks
DH-510, DH-610S, DH-630S, DH-710, DH-710F, DH-710S, DR-650, DR-670.

The RC-50 wired remote has a 11-pin tube plug connector on the end of the cable.

All the decks are reel to reel except for the last one. The DR-650 and DR-670 are cassette decks.

Functions available from the remote are Pause/Rec Mute, Record, Play, Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward.

There isn't really a lot of information about there decks. Here is a few of the little bits I did find.

DH-510 on audio-database

DH-510 on reeltapevintagego

DH-510 on a japanese web site

DH-610S on audio-database

DH-610S on a japanese blog site

DH-710S on Vimeo

DH-710(S) on Denon Museum

DR-650 on japanese site

DR-670 on audio-database

1974 DH-710, DH-710S
1975 DH-610S
1976 DH-630S, DH-710F
1977 DH-750
1978 DH-510

Denon DR-F6, DR-F7. DR-F8 and DR-M4 uses the RC-57 wired remote. Not sure about the DR-M3, DR-M2 or DR-M1. The RC-57 wired remote has a 8-pin DIN connector on the end of the cable. Functions controlled are Record, Stop, Fast Forward, Play, Rewind and Pause. I have the service manual for the DR-F6/7/8.

1981 DR-F8

Denon DR-F2 and DR-F3 uses the RC-55 wired remote. The RC-55 wired remtoe has a 8-pin DIN connector on the end of the cable.
1980 DR-F2

Denon DR-L1 and DR-L2 uses the RC-60 wired remote. The RC-60 wired remote specifics are unknown.

1981 DR-L1, DR-L2

Remote adapters are also available for Aiwa, Akai, Ampex, Crown, Denon, Nakamichi, Otari, Pioneer, Revox, Sony, Studer, Tandberg, Tascam, Teac and Technics decks.