Instructions for setting up the

Sony RM-VL600

8 Component Learning Universal Remote Control

1) Find the Component Code number for the desired Device from the table below.

Component Code
Sony Beta VCR
Sony 8mm VCR
Sony LDP


2) On the Sony RM-VL600 remote press and hold the black SET button in the upper left corner. While holding the SET button down, press and release the small round MENU button. Now release the SET button.

3) Press and release the VCR button.

4) Enter the four digit Component Code on the remotes number pad followed by the ENT button.

The VCR preset should now be set.


The full instruction manual for this remote is located here --> Sony RM-VL600 Manual

The complete list of Component Codes for this remote is located here --> Sony RM-VL600 Codes