Instructions for setting up the

Philips SRP2006/27

6 Component Universal Remote Control

1) Setup the wireless receiver box so that it is powered on and the red light is visible.

2) On the Philips remote press and hold the button labeled VCR until a red light at the top of the remote turns on, then release.

3) On the remotes number keypad enter the numbers 2 6 7 9. This selects Sony device codes.

4) Press and hold the Power button while pointing it at the wireless receiver box. This causes the remote to cycle through the Sony device codes.

5) When the red light on the wireless receiver box blinks, release the Power button. This can take up to 60 seconds so be patient.

6) Press the VCR button twice to complete remote setup. The red at the top of the remote will turn off.

Quick Start manual for this remote is located here --> Quick Start Manual

For setup of the other device buttons (TV, DVD, DVR, CBL and SAT) please refer to the full instruction manual for the SRP2003 & SRP2006 is located here --> User's Manual